Tips & Ideas For Lancaster Garages

March 14, 2016 at 7:19 pm | Category: Garages

Garages in LancasterMany people use their Lancaster garages for storage or just for parking their vehicles in. Garages can be added onto, built new, or remodeled to suit your needs better. Do you have a garage that’s overflowing with stuff you don’t need to use all the time? Why not add on additional garage space? Or do you not even have a garage to park your vehicle in? Whether you’re building new or remodeling, a good garage will serve all the purposes you need it for.

Choose Garages Built To Suit For You

Most garages in Lancaster are built to do one or two things, such as protect your vehicles or as a place to store your stuff. When you’re planning to have a garage built, you need to determine what you want in the way of space because there is so much more you can do with garages. Do you need to install a work area for projects or to do mechanical work? Do you need a two car garage or three? Would you like your Lancaster garage to open up to the back yard so you can easily access the area? Do you need extra storage space or cabinetry? Would you like your garage built out with all the bells and whistles like a nicer floor and some places for tools and lawn equipment? Having a garage built to suit your specific needs will ensure you really enjoy your space.

Proper Electrical Wiring In Garages

Depending on what you want to do within your Lancaster garage, you’ll want to be sure to plan for the right electrical wiring installation so you can do whatever you want to do in it. Garages are normally built with very simple electrical systems, allowing you the use of just a few outlets and one main light. If you plan to do any projects that require power, you want to be sure you have electrical outlets in the right location and lighting that serves you well for safety. One overhead bulb and one or two outlets at the base of your walls just won’t suffice if you do carpentry projects, plumbing projects, or work on your own vehicles. Good lighting is imperative for safety, and not having extension cords snaking all around your garage is equally important for safety.

A good electrical system plan for the garage can ensure you have enough light to see by and enough outlets to plug into in key locations. For instance, if you’re sawing, hammering, and cutting, you need an outlet at a higher location near your work bench areas. Working on vehicles, you may want to plan for a better overhead light, outlets for portable lights, and near enough outlets to use power tools when necessary.

Detached Garages

There are times when a detached garage will work better for homeowners than attached garages. One of the best detached garage structures will give you a covered breezeway in-between the home and the garage. The breezeway can have a concrete floor, bare dirt, or gravel, depending on your budget and your needs. This area can be great for doubling as an enjoyable covered patio or grill area.

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